Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Singing in the rain, well more like running in the rain

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.

I would like to say we had big plans but we didn't. Tropical Storm Lee who wasn't supposed to affect us at all, um Mr. Weatherman you were wrong, did and it rained all day Saturday. It was very much needed and we could actually use some more. But I am thankful for what we got.

The only damper the rain really put on me was that my friend Beth and I along with her daughter were going shopping Saturday. We were looking for a homecoming dress for her daughter. We were thinking of going to Houston but we decided to stay local instead. We ended up finding the perfect dress is beautiful shade of purple. She looked great in it.

It best part of the day was we had to make a stop at Walmart, all three of us do not like Walmart but we stopped anyway. When we were leaving Beth went to get the car and it was raining kinda hard this point. She had on some cute lace Toms and took them off because she didn't want them to get wet. Then she took off out of the garden center entrance and ran barefoot through the parking lot. I wish I had thought to grab my phone and snap a picture, but I was laughing to hard. Her daughter and I got in the car and she was like, I'm not getting my Toms wet! It was a great moment.

Sunday was a good day too. My husband is on the search committee to find a new youth pastor at our church and with out going into to many details, lets just say God is truly moving! It's awesome to watch.

Monday was absolutely beautiful! The weather was gorgeous and Hubs grilled and we all stayed outside for quite a while. We even went on a walk, all of us even the dog.

It was a great weekend. I think we should go to four day work weeks and three day weekends. That one extra day makes all the difference.


Brooke said...

we ended up with that rain on Sunday all day. it was wonderful!!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Girl, it rained all day Sunday AND Monday and it is still raining today!! The wind was whipping yesterday and last night after we got into bed we heard the unmistakable sound of a tree falling! I jumped straight up and ran out on the deck in the rain....what I thought I was going to do...I have no idea! Thankfully it BARELY missed the neighbors house....It was AWFUL!!!!! I did take advantage of being housebound and cleaned my closet, washed every stitch of clothing in the house AND painted my buffet! Now....I need a vacation!

Lou Cinda :)

{amy} said...

I'm so glad you got some rain from Lee. So much of Texas is in desperate need of it! We're still waiting for some! I'm sure you're like we are ~ even a solid day of rain isn't enough! And the fires in Bastrop & Magnolia are really affecting a bunch of people!

Beth said...

So my Toms made it to your blog...or maybe my antics did. I am glad there isn't a pic. I'm sure it would not be pretty. The pic of me in the freezer at Kroger is bad enough! As I scroll through your blogs, I realize that we sure have a TON of laughs together! I guess that's what makes us "FABULOUS"!