Friday, September 16, 2011

Divine Intervention

OK so the new bible study I am doing talks about life's interruptions and how they are really divine intervention from God. And how divine intervention is really God's glory.

So right now this is what is going on in my world. A list if you will...

1. Car trouble. Transmission trouble to be exact. I have a friend who is a mechanic and is working on few things but I am waiting for his call back with a price. In the mean time we are borrowing my Uncles car. That was a prayer answered.

2. My hair dryer broke, well it wouldn't turn off. So I had to just pull it out of the wall. And I figure if it's still working why go buy another one.

3. Hubs got an email earlier in the week and then forwarded it on to me as an FYI. To be honest contents bare not mentioning here but they caused an interruption.

4. My sweet Cookie dog is not feeling well. The whole family went for a walk and we took the dog. When she was doing her business, lets just say she has diarrhea and leave it at that. And last night she was sitting in my lap wrapped in a blanket with the shakes. I called one my best friends who is a Vet, my Vet, but she lives in another city, and she said Cookie probably has an upset stomach and to keep an eye on her but she probably needs to go to the vet if she isn't better in the morning.

So these four things, huge, big, small, and minor have all caused life interruptions for me this week. And I'm seriously trying to see how they are really a divine intervention. I know God has all of these interruptions covered with His hand. I know some how some way this will affect someone and they will see just how wonderful our God is. How merciful, loving, and gracious He is. How He is the healer, provider, and sustainer.

My mother in law always says that when troubled times come, God is building character in you. It is His way of drawing you closer to Him.

So maybe someone will see how I turn to God during this time and how I lean on Him like my legs are broken and He has carried me completely and then they will think to themselves, something is missing in their life and they have been search for it and they realize it's God. And how just now she has shown me just how real God is. How her faith in Him is so strong that life's interruptions are really divine interventions.


Brooke said...

"consider it pure joy when you face trials..."

may he strengthen you thru it all!

Beth Cotell said...

Are you doing Jonah by Priscilla Shirer? I am trying to decide between several Bible Studies for myself and a group of Moms and this is at the top of the list. Do you recommend it?