Monday, September 26, 2011

It was homcoming weekend and she was beautiful

This weekend was nothing but a big blur for me.

Friday night was the homecoming football game. I would like to say we won, but lets just say the band did a great job and the homecoming court was beautiful and leave it at that.

Saturday R2 had birthday party at 11am, and it was a swim party. When it was over we went home to change clothes and then head over to my friend Beth's house. Her daughter Alex, is the daughter I will never have. I love her to pieces. I had the privilege to do her hair and make up for the dance. Hair is so long and pretty. She wanted the messy side bun look and her hair was perfect for it.

After I got done over at Beth's house and according to R1 it took 4 hours but it was more like 3 1/2 but who's counting. I had to drop the boys off at home and run in to town. I had been promising R1 he could get a new video game and it finally came in and I had to pick it up. Then I had to go to HEB. We were out of all of the staples. Milk, eggs, lunch meat, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, and an A/C filter, don't judge.

Hubs had been saying all day he was going to grill for dinner. He is one awesome cook when it comes to the grill. We usually grill 3-4 times a week. Anyway by the time I got done with the activities from Saturday and home from HEB, we didn't eat until around 8:45pm. But it was so good!

Sunday was church, laundry, NAP, laundry, church, dinner. Oh by the way did I tell you I took a nap. I love my Sunday afternoon naps. They are the best. The only bad thing is if I sleep longer than and hour, I'm up half the night.

And you know I just had to show you a picture of my children. The boys and Alex. She is beautiful and those boys are just so darn cute!

On a side note I would have put up a picture of Alex and myself but I was so short standing next to her. Besides I love this picture.


Mari said...

She looks beautiful! Nice job. :)
And yes - those boys are cute!

Brooke said...

she looks gorgeous - what a great job you did!!!

{amy} said...

Beautiful!! You did a great job! Too bad y'all didn't win the Homecoming game, though!

Beth said...

You did a fabulous job! The boys are pretty cute. You still should have put the pic of you and Alex up here. She loves you bunches!!!!!!