Thursday, April 14, 2011

I should have posted this on Monday

It is Thursday and I am just now kinda recouped from the weekend. This past weekend was a complete whirlwind. I seriously didn't stop until Monday night.

Saturday R1 had a ball game at 9am and we had to be at the park by 8:15am. Talk about no sleeping in. Then R2 had a game at 3pm. We did come home between each game to get a few things done at home.

Guess it's was a good thing that I went to H-E-B Friday night. I really didn't know when I was going to do that and we were out of all the good things. Like French Onion dip, Fruit Punch Sherbet, and Chocolate Licorice.

Any way the 9 am game was delayed because our umpire bailed on us. R2's game started on time but the head coach for the other team argued every call. Really? They are 5-6 years old. Get a grip, teach them the right way, and move on.

OK down off my soap box.

We rushed home after R2's games and I had to jump in the shower because we had a wedding to go to that night and it was about 30 minutes. The wedding started at 7:00 and we made it to the church at 6:30.

The bride was beautiful and the wedding/reception was a blast. They had a photo booth and Hubs and I took a few photos, mostly crazy ones with funky hats and such. And then there was the candy bar. All I have to say about it is YUM!

Sunday we woke up late for Sunday School and I everyone was kinda grumpy. So I made the executive decision to have family day. We just hung around the house for a while and then we ran a few errands then came home.

I was so exhausted that I went to sit down for a few minutes and ended up falling asleep for two hours. I missed a PTO meeting and kids choir at church. But I guess I needed the nap.

I had car trouble Sunday and by Monday the car left stranded at work. The boys both had games again Monday night and there was no way Hubs could come get me. So a friend was sweet enough and drove me 30 minutes out of her way to take me to the ball park.

I ended up having to call my mechanic and he came to get my car. I finally got it back Wednesday. It was not fun trying to rearrange our schedules. But thank goodness for my in-laws and a co-worker who lives in my neighborhood.

Tuesday night R1 had his Famous Americans program. He rocked his speech and like the awesome mom I am I totally forgot my camera. All of the kids did great and their costumes and props were fabulous.

Well here it is Thursday and I'm just now kinda feeling rested and caught up. Only for the craziness to begin again.

Oh and I haven't even said anything about baseball. R1's team beat the first place team Monday night! and R2's team, is undefeated! GO RAYS AND GO METS!!!


Brooke said...

so exciting it took a whole week to recover huh? good luck this weekend :)

Beth Cotell said...

Don't you just hate car problems. My husband's is in the shop now and it's just a pain trying to figure out how we all are going to get where we need to be!