Monday, April 18, 2011

The weekend recap

Woo Hoo, I'm finally getting the weekend recap up on Monday and not four days later.

It was a great weekend!

The end.

Just kidding. It was great though.

R2 started us off with a ball game Friday night. Then both boys had games on Saturday. We even had time for a little pizza party in between games.

R1's team won and he played three spots. Starting pitcher, and he struck out the first three up! Then he played first for a few innings and then closing catcher. He played great and I was proud of him.

R2's team won also. He did a great job at short and third. There were two plays that were so hysterical I just have to tell y'all about them.

R2 was playing third and a little girl was running toward third and R2 fielded the ball and tagged her out. She started to cry and R2 went over and put his arm around her to make sure she was OK. When she walked off, he went back to his base. Hubs asked him if she was OK and R2 replied back, yeah, she just doesn't like to get out. It was to cute.

A couple of plays later R2 is still at third and fields another ball and goes to tag out the runner and he just bear hugs him and then lets him go. The little boy keeps running to third and R2 goes up and tags him out again. The boys walks off the base shaking his finger at R2 telling him he was a bad bad boy! Everyone was laughing. It was precious.

Anyway, we get done at the ballpark by 3:30 and head to Lowe's. Next weekend is our annual Good Friday BBQ and we needed to get a few things to finish the yard. Well we really needed 10 bags of mulch but getting a few things sounds more exciting than mulch. Let's just say the yard is complete and looks great. Now we are ready for the party!

Sunday was a fantastic day at church. Kids choir performed meaning R2 had to sing and R1's group got to play the Boomwackers. What are Boomwackers? Go here and here to find out. They are awesome and the kids LOVE them.

Then we came home and I had to run to HEB because we were out of staple items. You know paper towels, milk, bread, peeps, and sour patch jelly beans. Well we have been out of sour patch jelly beans because we have cleaned everyone in 50 mile radius out. They are so yummy.

We also took the boys over to a friends stable to feed two of his horses, Sugar and Splenda. I had bought a watermelon at HEB and I remembered our friend saying the horses loved watermelon rinds. So we cut up the watermelon and took a bowl full rinds over and gave them a treat. I think the treat was more for us. Sugar and Splenda enjoyed it so much. Want to know how I know? They were slobbering everywhere! They couldn't eat it fast enough.

Hubs grilled one of his famous steak dinners for us along with some corn on the cob. I know your mouth is just watering. Just don't slobber like the horses.

Then we just relaxed the rest of the night.

It was a great weekend!

The end!


Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Sounds like a FABULOUS weekend and I LOVE the stories! LOL This age is just the BEST! And you are a great mom to enjoy and be a part of every single bit of it! :)

Read my last post and see what you have to look forward too :(


Lou Cinda

Brooke said...

mmmmm - steak!

also? love the horse's names!

Tater Mama said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend! I hope our boys will be interested in baseball when they're a little older. :)

{amy} said...

It sounds like the perfect weekend! I love the baseball stories! :) And your list of staple items is awesome!