Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baseball drama in full effect

OK peeps, it's taken me this long to finally calm down and be able to write about what happened at the ball park last week.

It was D-R-A-M-A in full effect. (Thanks Hubs)

Last Monday both boys had a baseball game at the same time. Since Hubs is a coach for R1 I stayed with R2 and watched his game. R2's games by the way are only an hour where R1's are an hour and forty five minutes.

So after R2's game was over, which by the way we won, we walked over to the other field to watch R1 play.

As I made my way over to where I normally sit, which is right behind home plate, with my lawn chair there was a playing going on. It involved R1, the third baseman, and the runner. They were in a run down and I stopped to watch and to say hello to the other moms that I sit by.

After the play was over as I round the corner I hear another mother cursing at my child. I stopped DEAD in my tracks. I listened and it took a minute for it to sink in. I was shocked that this mother was yelling at my child. She was cursing at my son!

I won't go into what she said but I was LIVID! I walked over to where I sit, threw my chair down and then threw my purse in it. I walked back over to the end of the dugout where Hubs was standing. He took one look at me and knew something was very wrong.

I whispered in his ear some not so nice language and then walked off. I seriously needed a moment to calm myself. I have never been so mad at a parent as I was at that very minute.

Two other mothers, whom I had just said hello to were like what just happened. We just saw you two seconds ago and you were fine.

I walked back over to where my things were and the cursing mom just looked at me and then looked away. She never said a word. I grabbed my stuff and went and sat on the third base side. My friends Keili and Stella were trying their best to calm me down. As I sat there I could hear her trying to cover herself as she talked about how bad everyone was playing including her child.

I just kept taking deep breaths and slowly, very slowly I started calming down. At the very least she owed my son and I an apology. But to be honest I didn't trust my self to even accept that from her that night. I seriously thought I would hit her if she even came up to talk to me. I kept my distance, a very far distance.

When the game was over, I hurried R1 to gather his things so we could leave. Hubs said as he was cleaning up the mother walked into the dugout and started to berate her child. I felt so sorry for that child. She told them everything they did wrong, everything they should have done, and everything the didn't do. That poor child's self esteem was shot that night.

After we got in the car, R1 said thanks for having his back. I looked at him in the review mirror and asked him if thought I wouldn't. He said no, he knew I would but he said it was nice to hear it and see it. I then asked him if that mom spoke to him like that before I got there. He said yeah, he could hear her but he tried to tune her out. I was so proud of him.

And then I got mad all over again. I kept thinking where does she get off talking to my child like that. I don't even talk to my child like that. Did she think because I wasn't sitting right there it was OK. Because it certainly wasn't OK nor would it ever be OK. I wanted her to never cheer, if that's what you call it, for my child again. I would prefer for her to sit her butt down and keep her mouth shut!

I knew I had alot of praying to do before the next game on Thursday. I had to think about what I would say if she tried to talk to me. I'm telling you I know myself so well I seriously had to rehearse my response or it probably wouldn't have been very nice and she might have ended up with my fist in her mouth. I'm not a violent person but I was still so mad. I kept telling my self to act Godly.

Thursday came and as I walked into the ball park R1 was warming up in the out field. He called me over to the fence. I walked over and he said guess what mom? The other mother apologized to me. The mother said she was sorry for yelling at him and if she offended him in any way she was sorry.
I said well good I'm glad she did.

I still feel she needs to apologize to me and to Hubs as well. But I guess she wasn't ready because she stayed at the outfield fence the entire game. Not one time did she sit in the stands.

But I am truly glad she at least said sorry to my son. She needed to.
I totally saw God's hand in this. He knew I wasn't ready to face her. And he kept me from acting un-Godly. How wonderful is His grace.

And on a happier note, that night R1's team beat the undefeated first place team!! They played awesome and I couldn't be more proud!!!


Brooke said...

i just don't understand people. and "i'm sorry IF" kills me. just own it - you were a giant "B" and were offensive.

sorry your family had to deal with this woman :(

{amy} said...

Wow. I can't believe someone on your own team would act that way! I'm proud of you for not punching her! I'm not violent either, but mess with my babies & who knows what I'm capable of?! ;) I'm glad you took the time to pray & not act on impulse! And I'm glad she has at least apologized to R1. She is probably quite ashamed of her actions. I feel sorry for her son.

Tater Mama said...

I cannot understand people who act the way that mother did. It just boggles my mind, and it devastates me for her child. I commend you for being able to calm down and not react outwardly.

Beth Cotell said...

I'm glad she apologized to your son but I feel so bad for her son. He has to live with this hot-head! Poor thing!

Mari said...

I was wondering if she was from the other team, but soon found out she was from your team. I can't believe it! I would like to think she learned a little from this. Good for you for waiting it out and not hitting her. :)