Friday, April 1, 2011

Technology Showcase

I know it's April Fools Day and I should try pull a prank on y'all but Hub's is pulling a prank on the teachers at school and I will tell you all about it on Monday. It's gonna be a good one.

Tuesday night the school district where the boys attend school put on a technology program and the boys were both asked to be in it. The showcase gave the parents and the community the chance to see what they were learning from grades Pre-k thru 12th. It was a wonderful opportunity to see what the boys were learning.

R1 helped out in a classroom where the kids were working on iPods and syncing them with the Mac Book and then making it project on the projection screen. It was really cool.

R2 was in the computer lab where he showed me how logged into the computer using part of his name for his log in and then has a completely separate password he had to memorize. He did great. Then he also had to maneuver the computer from several pages to get to the Kids Corner Page. From there he could play games, work Techknowlege lessons and tests. I was pretty impressed for a 6yr old.

At the end of the showcase there were door prizes given away at the end of the program and guess what, we won three of them. Two gift boxes from Dollar General loaded with out door toys and a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

All and all it was great night. I'm so proud of our district and all they do for our kids. WAY TO GO SMALL TOWN SCHOOL!!


{amy} said...

Very cool! WAY different from the small town school I graduated from! I guess technology has come a long way in the past 20 years or so! ;)

Tater Mama said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly kids catch on? Our four-year-old can do more on David's iphone than I can do on mine. Scary in a way...

Have a great weekend!

Brooke said...

daddy laughed at me, but when i didn't know how to work my sister's iPad, i asked my 6 year old niece. and of course she knew. kids and technology!

can't wait to hear what your hubs did :)