Monday, January 31, 2011

This wasn't how this was supposed to go

Thursday and Friday I woke up with a sore throat but I just kinda ignored it because you know how Southeast Texas weather is one minute you have the A/C on and then next the heat.

But Saturday was R2's birthday party and I woke up feeling like dirt. But I pushed through it and ended up cleaning the house before his party. By the way his party was being held at the bowling alley so it's not like I just didn't decide to clean before having a ton of people over.

During the party I started to lose my voice. I was trying to talk to everyone and I actually felt as if I was on top of everything but by the end I was fading fast.

We ended up going out to dinner with the grandparents and my sister in law and niece. We all had a great time and had I been feeling better I would have remembered to bring my camera into the restaurant because when they sang happy birthday to R2 or should I say they gave a BIG YEE HAW his face was priceless and a true Kodak moment. I was also certain my hearing was now damaged and I would definitely need a hearing aid after that big YEE HAW.

By the time we got home I had no voice and was starting to sound as if I was a barking seal. All I could think of was I had croup. I DID NOT WANT croup.

I slept terrible that night. Up and down and up and down. Then Sunday I thought I would attempt to go to Sunday School and church but when I finally managed to get my behind out of bed it was 10AM and I felt as if either my lungs were soaking wet and needed to be wrung out or the mucus man had taken up residence in my check.

Hubs was gracious enough and took Cookie to the groomers since I had made her appointment earlier in the week and then went to HEB and got me meds. Meaning he got me some orange juice, Mucinex, Sudafed, and Robitussin. All that along with all the rest of the groceries for the week.

I was set. Oh and I slathered my chest and the bottom of my feet in Vicks. I have no idea if Vicks on the bottom of my feet covered with socks works but all of my friends told me to try it. And I figured what have I got to lose.

And I have to say that orange juice when I am sick just doesn't taste the same unless it's served in this old red plastic Budweiser insulated mug filled with ice. I got the mug from Debbie who I used to babysit for. I know that just sounds bad...babysitter with a beer mug. But her dad worked for Budweiser and she had all kinds of stuff from him.

She had one and used to keep her pens in it by the phone. I used to have three of them but over the years I have narrowed it down to one I just could not part with.

Speaking of Debbie and babysitting....HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN!!! Her baby is turning 28 today. I have known Robin her entire life. I remember her as a precious little blonde headed 3 year old and now she is a beautiful woman. Robin, I hope you have an amazing day!

I'm still sick. I spent most Sunday curled up in the recliner and sleeping. But the bottom line is R2 had and awesome birthday party and that's all that mattered.


Brooke said...

*spray's lysol*

funny you would mention that, it always take me a couple days to know if i'm getting sick or just tired w/allergies.

{amy} said...

I'm glad the party went well! I'm feeling sick today, too. :( I wasn't sure if I was getting sick or not last week, but yesterday my throat started hurting. I had to prop myself up last night, because the drainage was so bad & it hurt to swallow. SO not fun! I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

We are women! Hear us roar! We navigate through all the important stuff and then we decide it is okay to take care of us! lol

Glad R2's birthday was a happy one~~

Feel better!

Lou Cinda

Unknown said...

I am so glad the Birthday party went well and SO sad that you are so sick! That is the worst!