Thursday, January 6, 2011


So yesterday while getting dressed R2 looks at me and asks if he can have a squirt of cologne.

I ask him why he needs a squirt of cologne. His response to me was so that he could impress the ladies.

Seriously, what ladies does a 5yr old need to impress?! But I caved and gave him one squirt.

Then he asked for odorant. Which translates to deodorant. I asked him what he needed deodorant for, because if couldn't say it then he couldn't wear it!

He replies to make sure his pits don't sweat and he smells good for the ladies.

OK, Kindergarten girls watch out...R2 is out to impress!!


Brooke said...

good thing the princess (who's a slightly more mature 6) is half way across the country! ;)

{amy} said...

A ladies' man already?! Too cute! Cody says derodorant!