Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I snapped like a spring

The other night I was sitting in the recliner R2 and the dog. I wasn't very comfortable and kept moving around to get in just the right position when I felt something pop.

I immediately kicked, OK not kicked, but told R2 to get up and moved the dog off of me. I would like to say that I assessed the situation right then and there but I was more concerned with getting everyone off of me and ready for bed so the chair had to wait.

Later that evening I sat down and remembered the pop and then noticed the seat didn't feel quite right. I flipped over the recliner and noticed one of the large support springs had broken right in the middle.

And then I snapped like that spring had snapped.

I don't know why but I started to think off all things that had gone wrong over the past year and how it always seems as if it was one thing or another. And I started to cry.

I thought about the broken hot water heater a few months ago, or how we just didn't have it in our budget to replace that chair, or the ticket Hubs got for his expired inspection. Everything happens at once.

So after crawling into bed and crying some more I started to pray. Praying that I would find the strength to get through one more thing. Praying I would quit feeling sorry and quit letting Satan have control.

After a while I just started talking with God. It was like having a conversation with a friend. I was hashing things out. Not that He didn't already know how I was feeling and what I was about to say.

After talking to him I felt peace. It's funny how just in the midst of every storm and I do mean every storm, when I start talking to God, peace is what I feel.

See God knows me so well, better than I know my self. He knows I need peace and comfort when things out of whack. And this is just what he brings to me. Peace, comfort, strength, and grace.

So the next time a spring snaps, I will remember my conversation and wait on that feeling of peace to wash over me and cover me completely.

The LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace."

Numbers 6:25-26


Beth Cotell said...

Nothing like a good talk with God to help you put things in to perspective! Stay in his Word and pray daily and you will be fine!

Tater Mama said...

Lovely post today. :)

{amy} said...

Girl, I completely understand! I've had moments like that, too. Isn't it so much better to talk to God than to mope around about it? I just wrote a blog post last week about God providing after a heart-to-heart with Him :) I love the verse at the bottom!

RYC ~ these kiddos are growing up way too fast, don't you think?!