Monday, January 17, 2011

Laid back weekend

We had a very quiet and laid back weekend.

My friend Beth and I had one of our marathon shopping sessions on Saturday. Not as long as Black Friday but long enough.

The sad thing was all I bought was a scarf from American Eagle. I have been eye balling it since Thanksgiving but was not willing to pay the asking price. I mean it was very pretty and VERY soft but I have my price limits. Anyway it was finally on sale and even better it rang up less than the sale price. SCORE!

Also the lighting in the stores was not very nice to me. I couldn't find anything else that I just really wanted or even wanted to try on. But all was not lost. The clothes Gods shined down on Beth. That girl racked up!!!

Sunday I went to church and I have to admit I was running late. I walked into Sunday School just as they were finishing the opening prayer. But as I always say...better late than not at all.

And it was then that the weekend would take a heavy tone. During the prayer, there was the mention of a 30 year old woman and her 10 month old that were killed just that morning at the front of my neighborhood. They were still trying to figure out what had exactly happened at 9:30am and the accident happened about three hours before.

I had no idea who it was but I felt so sad. Then I got home and received the news.

The woman and her son killed were people we knew. It was my brother in laws cousin. And the woman's parents are good friends with my in-laws.

It was so very tragic and it could have all been prevented. She leaves behind a loving husband and two very small children.

And so I will ask that you pray for this family. Ask God to give them peace, comfort, and strength. Ask Him to wrap his arms around them and just hold them close.

They have a very long journey ahead.


{amy} said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the woman and child who were killed. Her family will definitely be in my prayers.

Beth Cotell said...

I'll be praying. So very sad...