Thursday, September 30, 2010

The toothfairy forgot, well kinda

A few weeks ago I was up at church helping out and Hubs called me.

He said R2 was in a state of panic and was screaming and blood was pouring out of his mouth.

Now those of you, the three of you, know I don't do well with my own children's blood. Someone elses, that's OK, but my off spring not so much.

But before I could begin my very own freak out full on hyperventilate some one needs to drive me home right now and give me a sedative or a stiff drink Hubs let me off the hook.

R2 had lost his first tooth while eating a snack and it just fell out. And yes there was some bleeding but nothing life threatening. And yes he did kinda panic and ran to find his dad, who was in another room in the house. (the bathroom) Sorry Hubs, I had to say it because us moms know we never get a moments peace, not even when we are in the bathroom.

Any way,

The tooth fairy came that night and left him a sweet monetary gift under his pillow. The only thing is, R2 is a wild sleeper. Like does a complete 180 in the bed or is turned side ways with no covers and no pillow.

This night he actually slept OK but had managed to push his pillow off the bed along with the money.

Once again he panicked. I had to remind him to look under the bed and there he found his gift.

OK, telling on myself. I feel asleep and FORGOT, yes I forgot to put the money under the pillow but I did manage to drop it on the floor kind of kick it under the bed and he bought it. I just love a naive five old's mind.

Congrats R2! Hope the tooth fairy remembers her obligations to you in a more timely manor.


Brooke said...

the toothfairy lied! that's hilarious. good cover :)

Steven said...

Be ready when that next tooth pops out. You will love this FREE Tooth Fairy keepsake:

cfoxes33 said...

Good job! You could just put it in pouch on the door or something next time.

{amy} said...

Ha ha! I've totally done that, too! One time, I didn't have a dollar, & I wrote an IOU! Is that awful, or what? & another time I borrowed a dollar from my other child! I'll have to email you about "The Tooth Fairy Commodity Exchange", because the story is too long!!