Friday, September 24, 2010

Football, a new show, and I can't come up with a title for this post

For the two readers I have left, sorry I have fallen off the blog wagon this week. I will try to get back to regular posting schedule. Maybe.

OK those of you that know me, know I do not have that deep love for the game of football. Baseball yes but football not so much.

But some how upon entering my early 40's I have become interested in the game, again, kinda.

My when I was very small my dad used to coach little league football. My mom would drag me and my younger brother to the games where I would cheer my heart out with the big girls on the side lines.

Now years later I end up marrying a football coach. I know pretty ironic. I would go to the games but more for the social aspect than the strategical one. Yes, I know how the game works but to me it was a great time to hang out with friends and catch up.

But as I said all of a sudden I have become interested in the game of football. Not a full blown obsession but more of a let me sit and watch this one game and then move on kinda thing.

Now with all that said, the whole point to all of this really is about my new favorite show. It deals with football, sorta, but it also has other things going on too.

I have heard several people talk about it at work, school, and here on the blog-o-sphere. So after some very deep thought, I figured what the heck and I took the plunge and taped an episode and well now I'm hooked!

While the new season hasn't started, I am trying to play catch up. I have several seasons to watch. I'm hoping with the help of ABC Family, I can stay on track.

You see they air this show Monday thru Friday. That's FIVE episodes a week people. FIVE episodes. How glorious it is. I won't have to wait for the next week to see what is going to happen, just the next day!

So really if I am a little sparse here, it's because I'm trying to cram four seasons into a few weeks time. The season premier is October 27th and I really really really need to be caught up. I don't want to start the season while I am still in the middle of season 3.

Y'all have a great weekend!


Brooke said...

i went to homecoming last night, i truly don't get the facination with high school football.

{amy} said...

I'm more of a "social aspect" football fan! As a true Texan, I get the whole feeling of the Friday night lights, though! But I get a better feeling from seeing the lights on at my hometown baseball field!! ;) I think now that we've bought a house & plan to stay here, I'll try to make some high school football games & stuff! I haven't seen the show, but I keep thinking I'll start watching it one of these days!

cfoxes33 said...

I am a Friday Night Lights fanatic! I love Matt and Tim Riggins! I have seen every episode and can wait for more. Hubby and I are huge fans!

I also love our high school football team. We go every week to the games (partly because our kids play in teh marching band), but because we love it too!