Friday, September 10, 2010

This, this, and more of this

So I have to many of you are ready for this and this? And if so what team or teams do you pull for?

I'm still ready for this. And guess what? This weekend we get to play!

Well not we but we as in R1. I just get to sit and cheer him on.

And this makes me one very happy mama!

Get your game on! And y'all have a great weekend.


{amy} said...

I'm not really a college football fan, and I'm between NFL teams right now (because our friend is currently a free agent). But, I'm a Texans fan as long as they aren't playing against Ryan! As for baseball, I'm always a fan ~ especially of the Astros (in good times & bad)! Enjoy cheering on your boy this weekend!!

cfoxes33 said...

I am going to see the Miami University Redhawks (Ohio) on Saturday. I am a University of Cincinnati fan, a fan of The Ohio State University fan. NFL: Bengals all the way! Baseball: Cincinnati Reds (what else?)

Have a great weekend!