Monday, September 20, 2010

13 years ago

Thirteen years ago in front of God, our family and friends I said I do to my best friend.

I said I do to the good times, bad times, leave you speechless and breathless times.

To the hard times, the easy times, the sweet times, and I love you more than anything times.

To the lets have a baby times, the buying a house times, the lets have one more baby times.

To the so busy times I only see you when we go to bed times, the lets go on vacation times.

And through it all one thing remains.

Hubs, I love you more today than the day I married you. You are still my best friend. You are the first one I run to when I have great news or bad news to share. The one who always gives me the best advice. The one who always has my back and my best interests at heart.

You are still THE one!

I love you and happy anniversary.


Hubs said...

I love you too. But if you come back again with a let's have one more baby time, I might not be so loving ;)

{amy} said...

Happy anniversary! :)

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Lou Cinda :)