Monday, December 7, 2009

It S-N-O-W-E-D again!

Well here we are almost a year later and it has snowed AGAIN in Southeast Texas.

I can't believe it.

Friday on my way home from the flakes kept coming and coming. As I got closer to my neighborhood and then onto my street, the flakes were HUGE!

Now the snow didn't stick like it did last year and we didn't get nearly as much but we sure did have fun playing it.

And yes those are MY zebra print rubber boots R1 has on. Guess he couldn't find his fast enough, that and mine make a better fashion statement than his plain old black ones.


Brooke said...

we got snow here too :)

now for a really big one before winter is over!!

Beth Cotell said...

We were supposed to get some here in NC too but we didn't - which is fine with me!

Pamela said...

That snow was sooo much fun. We had abt an inch here before it started melting. Last year we had over 4 inches in Baton Rouge so my boys were just thrilled to see it again! Thanx for stopping by and Happy Holidays!