Thursday, December 3, 2009

I was grounded

Have I ever told you the story of how in my late twenties I got grounded? Yes that's right grounded.

No, well get ready here it comes.

I had been on my own, in my own apartment and paying my own bills since I was twenty. And in the early days of dating Hubs, I would sometimes spend the night at his house. And before you go getting the wrong idea, let me say this, he still lived at home.

I would stay at his house because 1. He mom and dad said I could. 2. It was much closer to work. and 3. I loved being there.

The thing with me staying there was there were rules. Rules which were meant to be followed.

I would sleep in Hubs' bed while he would take the sleeper sofa. And the rule was if you slept on the sleeper sofa it had to be made up BEFORE you left the house.

One morning we were all in a rush and we forgot to make the sofa.

Big Guy, Hub's dad, came home around lunch time to see the sofa unfolded and messy. I thought Hubs' had made the bed and he thought I had made the bed. So no sofa bed was made.

Now Big Guy is a make your bed every morning kinda guy. And a rules must be followed kinda guy.
And here is where I got grounded. Duh-Duh, Hubs mom, and Big Guy told Hubs that I was not allowed to spend the night for a week. 7 days, no exceptions.

My first thought was, WELL I am a late twenty something and I haven't been grounded since I was a teenager. And that's fine! I have a house to stay at and I will stay there never spend the night again!

But looking back, I'm glad I was grounded. Not only does it make a great story to tell years later, but it also show me that Hubs' parents cared enough about us to hold responsible for our actions.

Even though we thought we were old enough we still had to follow the rules. They were setting us up for parenthood. And we all know how hard it is to be a parent. Some times it even stinks to discipline our children. Not matter how big or small the infraction might be.

And to this day when I ask Big Guy if it was hard to "ground" me or us, I still get the same answer...NO, no it wasn't.


Brooke said...

wow. and i thought getting grounded when i was 21 was bad!!

Unknown said...

So funny : ). We aren't avid bed makers in our house. We try but it is not my most important thing : ) now if it was up to Gary it would be the most important thing. oh well! : ) I am glad you have a wonderful family you love being a part of! Very sweet!