Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Duh-Duh

Today is my mother in law's birthday. Other wise known as Duh-Duh to boys.

And to keep being her favorite daughter in law I will not reveal her age. Note, I am her only daughter in law so I will always be her favorite. Even though this birthday ends with a zero and is between 50 and 70.

Truth be told, I love this woman and when I grow up if I can be only half as good a mother in law as she is then I have truly accomplished something.

And in staying true to my birthday list of things here is one just for her.

1. I am glad that she raised a Godly son.

2. She loves me as if I am her birth daughter and always has.

3. She loves the boys with all heart and soul.

4. I like how she and Big Guy get each grandchild for a week by themselves in the summer just to spend time with only them.

5. I love how when she is out shopping she will randomly call and ask what size clothes the boys wear and then come by with a bag full.

6. I really really really miss her and Big Guy living right behind us.

7. I love how she "nudged" me to go to church with them.

8. I love how she calls every few days just to say hi and she loves us.

9. I like how committed she is to her family.

10. I like how she gives of her self to others.

11. I love knowing she prays for us every day.

12. I just love her love her love her!!!

Happy Birthday Duh-Duh. May it be a wonderful day with wonderful memories.

Love you!!!


Brooke said...

you're very blessed to have such a great mother in law :)

Unknown said...

She sounds like a gem! I love that : ) I hope she has a wonderful Birthday!

DuhDuh said...

Well, I have been driving all day and was ready to be home. The beautiful large flakes here made everything better. I thanked God for such a sight on the last leg of the trip. Got home and checked the computer for e-mail when I remembered that I was told to check the blog. What an awesome blog. I thought the snow was a great birthday present, but it did not compare to the testimony on the blog. Parenting is hard but when someone writes such a beautiful note, that's when you know it was worth it. Thank you my precious daughter. It made being 60 even better. Love you. DuhDuh