Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Orthodontic adventure #1

I knew when both of my boys were born that they would probably need braces when the got older. Hubs and I both had braces in our youth.

Don't get me wrong the boys had beautiful baby teeth. Perfectly white and straight and did I say white.
I just knew that all the prayers and sacrifices made to the teeth gods would go unanswered.

Just thinking about braces makes my teeth hurt all over again! I mean the ache and that feeling of having your inner cheeks being pulled by wires poking out. And the mounds of wax, who could forget the wax.

So yesterday we started on our orthodontic adventure with R1.

He received the beloved spacers. Ahh the pain of feeling as if something is stuck in your teeth, only knowing what is in there is supposed to be in there.

Any way back to the story.

We got to the orthodontist and 10 minutes later he walks out with blue bands on four of his teeth.

I ask him if it hurts and he says no, he's such a trooper! But I tell him when we get home I am going to give him some Advil just as a precaution.

So we leave the ortho's office and they remind me what he shouldn't eat while he has these spacers in his mouth and they also remind me of his next appointment.

Which just happens to be Thursdays, to put the bands on his teeth and the pallet spreader in.

Yes folks a pallet spreader! The dr. says his mouth is not big enough for all of his teeth.

I beg to differ. Sometimes I think he has a big mouth. So big he sometimes puts his foot in it!

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Brooke said...

i've never heard of a pallet spreader. i had the same problem though, and they just yanked 4 teeth out - one permenant tooth on each side, upper and lower