Monday, September 28, 2009

The future Mrs. R2

The boys and I attended a birthday party on Saturday. We all had so much fun!

I need to give you a little background on B, she is such a cutie!

My mother in law, Duh-Duh and Kathy, have been best friends since high school. And Kathy is B's grandma. My mother in law had two children, Hubs and his sister C. Kathy had two children L, B's mom, and her brother T.

Duh-Duh and Kathy have always remained clos
e and once their children came along, the friendship grew even closer. I have many pictures of both families always together.

And while Duh-Duh and Kathy remained close, the kids grew and went their own ways in life.

One day L was dropping off B at the same day care that R2 goes to. I hear the owner say her name and her daughters name. I ask her if Kathy is her mom and then introduce my self.

She couldn't believe it! B had been telling her about R2 for days! She couldn't wait to get
home and call her mom, Kathy and tell her who B had been talking about. Duh-Duh's grandson.

So the kids have attended the same daycare since they were born and we didn't know it. Both my mother in law and Kathy were so excited.

L and I would tell our families stories of what R2 and B did every day. The grandma's loving hearing about their grandchildren playing together.

Secretly I think they liked that their families were still intertwined.

B is the cute little girl I had previously blogged about that R2 had dumped. She wa
s no longer his girlfriend.

So when R2 received the birthday invitation for B's party, I asked R2 if he wanted to go and he said yes because she was his girlfriend.

When I told him I thought he had broken up with her, he replied, No mama, I'm gonna marry her!

So I guess that answered my question, we were going to the party.

Any way we get there and L was so excited to see us and called B to come and see who was there. B comes down the stairs, grabs R2's hand and off they went. It was so stinkin' cute!

About 10 minutes later they come down the stairs and B announces that she is gonna marry R2 and that she wanted to give him a kiss.

R2 wants no part of that kiss and takes off for the door.

Guess B is just gonna have to settle for a ride from R2 on her new pink Barbie 4-wheeler.

And another grea
t part of the day, I got to hang out with my mother in laws best friend, Kathy.

Here we are looking at old pictures from when Duh-Duh, Hubs' dad, Kathy and her husband were all in school.

It was such a fund day! And who knows the grandma's may be family one day! And they may be helping to plan a wedding.

And ssshhh, secretly, I'm OK with that, both Grandma's are awesome people, and I love them to pieces!

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Brooke said...

how cute! my niece (who's 5) already has her sites set on a cute little blonde boy in her class