Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My inquiring mind

So I have to know?

How many of you redo your closet every year for the change of the seasons?

I mean do you switch out your summer stuff and put the winter items back in?

And do you "really" quit wearing white shoes and pants after Labor Day?

Please tell me what you do and then I will share my answers with you.


Brooke said...

i use too, because i have so much crap. since i have a walk in closet all to myself i no longer have to.

and sometimes i sneak a white or two in...

McElroy Family Happenings said...

I absolutley do not switch out all of my clothes. Why? We live in SE Texas...the armpit...where it's always hot and humid. Even in January and February...typically our coldest months...there will still be the spring-like days that call for cropped pants and sandals.

Even if I did switch out my clothes...well, it would simply be exhchanging a linen pair of crop pants for a black pear of cotton crop pants.

McElroy Family Happenings said...

pair...not pear...must have been thinking about my lower body or something

Beth Cotell said...

I don't have enough clothes to have to switch things out. It all hangs in the closet all year long. Plus living in NC, I don't really have very much cold weather stuff.

RR Mama said...

OK so here it is. I don't switch out my closet and I have been known to wear my capri's in November, but in SE TX you can use your A/C during the day and the heat at night. But after Labor Day, bye bye beloved white capri's till Easter.