Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Best seats ever!

So since I'm on the subject of baseball, back in March when I turned 40, yes I said 40, my friends gave Hubs and I, well really me, but Hubs got to reap the benefits to. A one night stay at Inn At The Ballpark.

This is the 5 star hotel directly across from Minute Maid park where my beloved Houston Astros play.

And as a bonus they were going to keep the boys and the dog overnight!

Woo Hoo.

Hubs and I couldn't book our reservations fast enough and we couldn't hit submit on the purchase of our tickets fast enough either.

So we waited and waited and waited. Finally August 8 2008 arrived.

We packed up the ourselves, the boys, and the dog and headed to D and C's house.

I know y'all are thinking AWESOME friends. And let me tell you they are! But the truth is I have known them almost 30 years.

I used to baby sit for them. And when I started their oldest was two, the middle one was 2 months and the baby wasn't even born yet. I love this family! Their girls are all married now with kids of their own, but we are still close.

So we got to their house, ate lunch, hung out and the blew that Popsicle stand so fast it made your head spin.

Yes, a baseball game with terrific seats, no kids to run to the concession stand for the one millionth time and no bathroom runs right as there are two outs bottom of the inning, winning run on, and the best hitter up to bat.


Hubs and I get to the hotel, check in and hang out for a while. Then walk right across the street to the park.

We watch the Astros and the Brewers and take batting practice. We watched them prep the field and all the major sports networks do their pre-game interviews.

Our seats by the way....12 rows back from home plate! SWEET!!!!

I could see and hear everything. I was in heaven!

Oh yeah, the weekend we went, was Hubs' birthday weekend. And as a surprise to him, I had his birthday displayed on the big neon board.

Bottom of the sixth, we wants to walk around and I say I want to see the birthday's to see if we know anyone. So we stay, of course and he was shocked and loved it!

It said...Happy Birthday Hubs! Love me, R1 and R2. Well not really but you get the gist.

And because you know I have such great camera skillz... my batteries were low and the flash wouldn't go fast enough and I missed the whole darn flipping thing!! I was mad!

But out seats kinda made up for that and because it batting practice was the first thing we did, the batteries were completely charged and working great.

Here are pictures of our awesome seats and some of my favorite Astros!!!

Batting practice

Hunter Pence

The enemy, The Brewers

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Brooke said...

very cool friends.

kick *** seats!! :)