Monday, February 16, 2009

I've got nada

I'm still tired.

But I think we are all finally on the road to recovery.

I am so sick of being sick!

I am tired of coughing and taking medicine.

I'm trying to keep up my energy and even that is making me tired.

I'm tired of griping about it.

The only thing I know is I have definitely paid the light bill at Walgreen's for the next two weeks. And that is with my co-pays!

And since I really don't have a post for today, I thought I would take the opportunity to ask the three readers I have if you have any questions you would like to ask me.

Any thing deep and burning?

I know it sounds like a cop out, kinda lame, but I assure you I saw it on another blog and she is anything but lame!

So ask away and when I get up enough strength to type again, I will answer them.

Thanks and have a great day peeps.


The Charm House said...

Well... Take a look at my blog today! I posted it last night and I borrowed it from YOUR friend and now my friend Rebeckah, Carboard Testimonies. Somehow I got a little POLITICAL (sorry readers) but I am just sick about the doom and gloom! So.. There you have it!
Girl, I love you, Hurry up and feel better so that you can play Dear Abby again!!! ;)Yveet

Anonymous said...

Here's a question I actually thought about yesterday. Oddly enough I was thinking about you and your hubs while I was cooking. I think I was dreaming about us going to the blogging conference and sharing a hotel room and staying up late and having lots of girl talk...and generally being silly!

So, how did you know that your hubs was the one for you? I know where y'all met, but what sparked the spark? And, was it a big deal for you to change religions? If I recall correctly you were raised Catholic, right? And here's something really nosey! Did you and Hubs' family all get along right from the beginning?

And...I think you have more than three readers!!!