Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A few things parenting has taught me

I was reading this from Shannon the other day and it got me thinking about some things I have learned over the past few years about being a parent.

Here are just a few of them.

* Just as soon as you change the sheets on your child's bed they will wake up in the middle of the night and throw up all over them.

* When cleaning your computer monitor it will only take a mere second for a child to come over and put finger prints all over it.

* No matter how many times you have just cleaned the bathroom a child will always leave tooth paste residue in the sink.

* A curious 2 year old will pull a Christmas stocking down from the mantle to see if anything has been put in it only to end up in the emergency room to receive 3 stitches.

* When putting your child to bed, they will find any excuse to get out of bed including asking for their hug and kiss back.

* Your child will repeat at the most in opportune time what you said earlier that wasn't so nice.

* When your child says they have an ear ache first thing in the morning, listen to them, and take them to the doctor, it will save you from being sleep deprived the next day.

* No matter how many times you take a potty break on a road trip, a child will always have to go to the bath room when there are no gas stations for the next 14 miles.

* Just when you and your spouse settle down for some time together a child will have a bad dream and want to be held.


Brooke said...

the weekend of the wedding, my family had a joke that we knew the hubs wouldn't appreciate (a play on his grandfather's name).

so we would say it, laugh hysterically, then look at my 4 year old niece and say "that's not funny at all."


Jules from "The Roost" said...

You got this list right for sure! :)

Unknown said...

Seriously funny BUT TRUE tips : ). The emergency room thing sounds scary! I am glad he is ok : ).

Your Easter Egg hunt sounds GREAT. What a good idea about recycling the eggs. Every year when I buy them I think I should do that, but I never do...

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with them ALL 100%!!!

Anonymous said...

I've learned the lesson about the crib sheets!