Monday, February 23, 2009


Today is my dad's birthday.

He is 62.

I don't see my dad as often as I would like because he lives out of town. But we talk so often it makes up for it.

He loves his family. He always wants to know what is going on and what the boys are up to.

My dad has taught me so many things.

Like how to change a flat tire, check my oil pressure and bleed my brakes.

He taught me how to shoot a free throw and mow the grass.

He taught me how to drive a stick shift and give a left hook.

He taught me how to be polite and be respectful. To always answer yes sir or no ma'am. And let me just say if didn't answer that way it was on. Dad never had room for rudeness from me or my brother.

He taught me how use a saw.

But most of all he taught me how to be a grown up and a good parent. Even though he says I am not grown until he is dead.

He told me not to long ago he was proud of me for the way Hubs and I were raising the boys.

He told me I was doing a good job.

He told me he loved me.

Well Dad, I love you and thank you for teaching me about life.

Happy Birthday!


Brooke said...


I'm sure you'll agree that those of us who have had great dads are very blessed

Stephanie said...

So very sweet! You gotta love the father/daughter as well as the mother/son bonds. There is something different about them.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

How sweet! He sounds like an incredible man!

Unknown said...

This made me cry! Happy Birthday to your dear sweeet Daddy! Aren't Dad's the best? I just love mine to pieces. XO