Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm exhausted

And we've only just begun.

No not the song from The Carpenters but we've only just begun baseball.

Yesterday's schedule was so crazy by 8pm I was whipped, ready to crawl into my bed and sleep for the next 206 hours.

It all started when I picked up R8 from school.

Then back to work and then back to small town to pick up R4 and change his clothes and head to baseball practice.

Where he proceeded to have a melt down.

You see we are practicing at R8's school and right next to the practice field is the play ground. The big kids play ground as R4 calls it. And he wanted to play on the slide not run the bases.

No amount of pleading, threatening or even calling Hubs at his track meet out of town helped. He pitched a fit for the next ten minutes until I bribed R8 with some big $$ to go and help R4 during practice.

He took R4 by the hand and walked him over to his team and stayed with him during the entire practice. Right up to the point where R4 told him he could handle it.

R8 went off to play and R4 did exactly as his coach asked him to do for the next hour.

But once we were done with practice he wanted to play on the play ground.

So I let him play for about 10 minutes and told him time to go. Then the pitching of the fit resumed.

I let him cry all the way to the car. Once we were in the car the fit stopped.

Why is that your children will act one way when everyone is staring at you and a completely different way when they aren't .

When we get home the rush starts all over again.

Let Cookie out, feed Cookie.

Give the boys a snack, start dinner.

Feed the boys dinner and give baths.

Clean the kitchen, let Cookie out again.

Vacuum the house, fold the laundry and put it way.

Put the boys to bed, say our prayers, and collapse in the chair.

OK I'm tired again just typing all of it.

So I'm going to take a much needed rest. At work mind you. At least there I can sit in one spot. And if I just happen to fall asleep maybe my boss will take pity on me and leave me to wake up later with a red spot in the middle of my forehead from my head resting on my hands. Just like when I was in school.

Maybe that isn't such a good idea.


The Charm House said...

Life just happens.... LOL That's what happens when get a "Cookie"... You have to open the door for the dog and you have to feed it! LOL And then there's the kids!!!! Added stress.... I know you LOVE IT!!! Baseball Season isn't it Great!!!
Love you,

Unknown said...

You are SO funny : ). Get some much needed rest AT WORK! Perfect. I wish I could get rest at work. I have a boss like no other.... oh my goodness. You wouldn't even believe what she did yesterday.

I totally understand what you mean about kids acting one way in front of people and then being just fine when it's the two of you.

I used to live in a constant state of embarassment!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Girl I am tired from just reading all that you did! Kids....can't live with them or without them! ;)

Unknown said...

I hope your games were fun today. I thought of you and prayed that everyone was full of happiness and no grumpiness : )!

Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)