Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh My Gosh!

Now that I am only twitching every couple of hours, I can tell you what happened earlier in the week.

Twitch, Twitch

So I mentioned a while back that my office flooded. Before we could redo my office we had to determine where the water was coming in. This has been done and now we are in the beginning stages of a very extensive remodel.

The floor has been ripped out and there are walls missing. Yes there are several walls with no sheet rock and beams are exposed.

I have been moved out into the lobby and I try to keep the door to my office closed because the heat and humidity are lets just say higher than the Empire State Building is tall.

If I keep the door closed it stays cold due to the A/C that I have cranked down to 50, but once the door is open, the heat is on.

Well today I get to work and get settled down to start working on reconciling some general ledgers. And all of a sudden I feel something hit my leg.

I look down and see a HUGE roach on my leg, yes ma'am I said roach.

I of course scream at the top of my lungs, only to realize no one is going to come to my rescue. Hubs isn't there neither is my boss.

So I try super duper fast to flick it off my leg and it lands on my chair. GROSS!

The whole time the hair on the back of my neck is standing straight up. UUUGGHH!

I go get the broom and sweep it off the chair and out the front door. I figure the ants are hungry and they could use a nice snack.

PLEASE! The entire time I am having such a fit and physically shaking and twitching.

I then proceed to soak my chair in Lysol along with my capri pants where the nasty thing landed on me.

I call my boss, who is at a job site for the day, and say if he doesn't want me to work form home for the remainder of the week he better let me call an exterminator. It really didn't matter what he told me because I was calling one either way.

So I get my self calmed back down around two hours later. Only to realize that I need to go into my office because the filing cabinets are in there.

I open the door and peer inside. I check the room for critters and flying bugs. Nothing so I enter. I am at the cabinets pulling reports and I heard something hit the floor. I look and see, yes ANOTHER roach.

Once again. the hair on my neck begins to rise and the twitching returns. I go and get the Bengal Roach Spray. (I swear by this stuff) It is more expensive but it is worth it.

I douse the bleeping roach with so much spray I could have set the smoke alarm off with a chemical cloud.

But it doesn't end there. As I am killing the nasty critter ANOTHER, yup, ANOTHER one come down the missing wall. I scramble to kill it too.

At this point I am coughing and gasping so much you would have thought I was trying to kill myself.

Finally all critters are dead and I refuse to go into my office until all the walls are replaced and the floor complete.

The best part of all of this. We have surveillance cameras through out our office and the whole darn thing was caught on tape. Everything from the first morning attack to the afternoon invasion.

The end.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I totally feel for you! Back in the college days when Christi and I lived in the College Station ghetto we had crickets that came catapulting out of our A/C vents. Although most people aren't bothered by crickets, I am deathly afraid of all bugs with a chitinous exoskeleton (roaches, crickets, june bugs, etc.). I would almost have panic attacks worrying about the stupid crickets that were lurking up in the vents so Christi and I stapled panty hose over all the vents! By the end of the year they were filled with little cricket carcuses!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to tell the story about waking me up early the other morning because the empty chip bag was moving. I am so glad you got me up so I could kill those pesky crumbs that were bothering you...

Anonymous said...