Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The boys

I always knew the day R7 was born that I would eventually want another baby. So four and half years later we had R3.

When R3 was born I knew right then and there that was it. I was very happy with two boys. I didn't even want a girl when I found I was pregnant. I wanted another boy. So when the ultra sound tech said R3 was a boy you can hear my voice on the video say YES! I would have loved a girl if God had given me one but He gave me boys.

Today while I was walking down the hall way with clothes in one arm, R3 said let me turn on the light for you mama. And he did just that.

When did he grow tall enough to do that? When did he grow tall enough see over the kitchen counter?

This time has flown by. It seems it went way to fast. I barely remember the baby years. The bottles, the baby food, and diapers. Yes I am glad that part has passed but I barely remember it.

I love how the boys are old enough to tell me when they don't feel good. Or they hurt their hand or skinned their knee.

But I have realized that my youngest, my baby baby has begun to grow up. Eventually the boys won't need me or Hubs. They will grow and become men and have families of their own.

But for now I am going to soak up the mama hugs and kisses. The crawling into our bed at 2 AM. Their small voices saying, mama, I love you.

I will take a deep breath and just bask in their presence.

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