Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This past Sunday I attended church with my friends S & J. Their oldest daughter M was baptized.

R7 and M are the same age. They are actually only 2 1/2 weeks apart. They both made a profession of faith during VBS week.

Watching M make the decision to accept Jesus has been like watching my own child. My heart is overwhelmed with pride, love, and joy for her.

The service touched my heart. M's aunt sang and her uncle said a prayer. It was truly amazing to watch every one surround her with love and blessings.

In the weeks to come I will continue to pray for M and her new journey in Christ.

I also will be praying for R7 as he has made his profession but has yet to be baptized. I know this will happen in the weeks to come.

I feel blessed I get to see my child walk with Jesus Christ. What an amazing journey this will be for him. I want him to remember just how excited he is now as he gets older and his journey in Christ gets longer. I pray he will always remember this feeling and this time in his life.

How wonderful it is.


Genny said...

Every baptism I've ever seen, I've bawled my eyes out. Whether I know the people getting baptised or not. It's just so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How sweet!!!! It meant so much to us that you were there to experience this special day with us!!! I can't wait for R7's in a few weeks!!!!