Monday, July 21, 2008

My chatter tile

I survived the weekend. Yes! I will post about that another day.

So Saturday in the mist of all the craziness, Hubs checked the mail and I received my "chatter tile" from Yvette at the Charm House.

A few days ago Lisa, aka The Preacher's Wife, had a give away, but little to any one's knowledge, Yvette had a little give away of her own and I was one of the winners.

I was so excited! So when Hubs walked in with the package I was beside my self.

I couldn't wait to
rip gently open the gift. I knew it was going to be tile, but had no idea what it would look like or say.


I will say it again, I LOVE IT!

I had been thinking about where to place it in the living room but I still do not have a permanent home for it. But I want to show it off and I want everyone to notice it when they walk by.

So for now it is on the this table with these beautiful lilies.

I love to walk by and see the tile and take a deep breath to enjoy the smell of the lilies, knowing life it good.

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The Charm House said...

Thank you for loving my tile so much!! It always makes me feel good when I know the talent that God gave me is being put to good use! You have honestly made my month with your e-mail, you have been a blessing to me.
Thank you,