Friday, September 8, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Sucks

Well it's been a while since I've truly written here and now seems like a good time to clear my head. 

My boys had their first day of school August 21, R1 is a senior and R2 is a 7th grader and one week later we were evacuating for Hurricane Harvey. 

And just a few days later we learned that our house had 7.5 of water. To say that I am devastated in really an understatement. There are truly no words. 

We were finally able to get into our home on Wednesday September 6 to witness the damage first hand. All I can say is it looked like someone filled my home with water and then lifted it off the foundation and shook it up and then set it back down. One of our end tables floated from the livinroom and down the hall and into R2's room. 

We started the process of removing the furniture and carpet but it's long and slow when you only have the four of you as so many other people you know are dealing with the same issue. I hope and pray each day we have more help and this process goes quickly but I as no one comes to help I only get more disheartened. 

Trying to remain positive in this horrible situation is difficult but I'm determined to do so for my kids. 

I'm asking that if you some how find yourself reading this blog, that you pray for us.  Pray the house cleaning and demo go quickly. Pray that God will give us comfort and strength as we take on this task. Pray that we are drawn nearer to Him during this process. And I know it's trivial but please pray that some people come to help. 


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