Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Last First Day

Monday was R1's last first day of high school. He's a senior this year. I know this school year is going to be filled with the last first's of many things. I also know this school year will fly by just like the years leading up to this point did.

As I stood in the hallway taking last first day pictures of all the seniors as they walked by several of the teachers stopped to ask me if I had cried yet. The answer to that question was no, I haven't. 

I do get that lump in my throat and that sappy feeling when I think of the little boy who has literally grown up in the blink of an eye but I do not feel that way when thinking about his senior year of highschool. I'm sure that come April I will probably feel different. 

Right now though, I can see an amazing last year of highschool. I can see a time spend with friends hanging out and making memories. I can see his last baseball season ever because he has chosen not to pursue sports in college. I can see his highschool dual credit classes paying off next fall when his friends are in Freshman English and College Algebra and he has moved on to the next level.  

Right now what I see is his future laid out before him and it's bright, very very bright. 

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