Saturday, September 9, 2017

73 3/4 Inches

If you know how to convert inches to feet, which I did not, 73 3/4 inches translates into 6 feet 1 inch.

That is the amount of water of my home had in it. Think about that for a minute. That is taller than most women, and I'm 5'3".

Today we were able to fix the content removal of the livingroom, dining room, and all of the kitchen cabinets. We also removed the contents of the boys rooms and pulled up the carpet and padding as well. 

Tomorrow is the removal of the contents of our bedroom, closet and both bathrooms in our house. Then we can start pulling the sheetrock from floor to ceiling and removing all of the kitchen cabinets. 

This is what I am affectionately calling DEMO DAY! Yeah, I stole the line from the show Fixer Upper. I love that show and I keep thinking how cool would it be to have them come and demo my home and then rebuild it. But I don't see that happening but a girl can dream. 

Also, today I sat on a huge tarp on my front lawn for three hours with the Rubbermaid I found in the bottom of my hall closet that had all of the boys baby pictures and a few school photos and sports photos. I was so upset when I realized I left it. I sat there and pulled pictures apart and let them dry in the sun. It was really a bittersweet moment for me. 

I also found the Rubbermaid with all of the boys keep sake clothes. The outfits and blankets I used to wrap them in when I brought them home from the hospital. Their first birthday outfits and their one year picture outfits. And several other items that has significant meaning. All filled with nasty flood water and ruined. It was very difficult to walk and put that Rubbermaid on the side of the road along with all of the other trash. I cried the entire way there and the entire way back to the tarp. 

I sit here tonight grateful for my family and that we are all safe. Grateful for friends and friends of my boys that came to help. Grateful for services that offered to help haul out wet items and demo our home. Grateful to my sister and brother in law who have opened up their home to us. My heart is heavy for our loss but it is also grateful for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon us in the past few days. I pray that they continue. 

I realized I don't normally blog on the weekends but as I set the date for this post I truly had no idea what the date was let alone what day of the week it was.  


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