Tuesday, January 6, 2015

When The Words Came Easily

I started this blog back in April 2008. Wow, that was almost seven years ago. Hubs didn't even think it would last seven seconds let alone seven years. 

Back then there were new stories to write about everyday. The words just flowed out of my mind and onto my blog. At some point the everyday goings on seemed to turn mundane for me and the stories never made it from my mind to the pages here and overtime I know I have forgotten some precious memories or a hilarious story that I meant to put out there in bloggy word. 

Over the Christmas break I spent some time looking back at this blog and all of the stories and pictures I posted. I smiled, cried, and even laughed out loud at some of the posts. The pictures made me smile the most. I cannot believe how little my babies were, 8 and 3 to be exact. 

And I realized I missed putting down my memories. I enjoy having a place to write out my thoughts and remember things that have happened. So to continue with putting my memories out there, here is a picture of my boys getting ready to light'em up on New Year's Eve. 

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