Monday, January 12, 2015


R2 had a couple of basketball games on Saturday morning/afternoon so we ended up spending the early part of Saturday at the basketball gym. 

This is only R2's second year to play little dribblers and he's really good at it. It's shoots and makes it, most of the time. He hustles up and down and he's pretty aggressive whether he playing offense for defense. 

His team won both games but the second game of the day was pretty close. We were up, then the other team was up and then we came back, and they tied it up and then we came back to win. R2 ended up with two or three fouls. See what I mean, aggressive. 

I love to watch him. And since football season ended a few months ago, basketball has been my focus. 

Another reason I love to watch R2 play is because Hubs is one of his coaches. So it's really a double win for me. 

Here are my boys doing their thing during the games on Saturday. They have my heart!


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