Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's Coming On Christmas

Well Christmas is next week. Hard to believe that it's almost here and the year is almost over.

I finished the school semester two weeks ago and have just been trying to catch my breath. I made all A's. GO ME!

Then last weekend we had our annual Christmas musical and Taste of Christmas celebration at church. It was a wild three days. Some how or another Beth roped me into being the head of the Taste of Christmas committee with her a few years back. Let me just say that we've nailed the art of prep and set up for the two day event down to a science.

I also messed up my knee at Thanksgiving. I have no idea what I've done other than the fact that it keeps going out every so often and then during our Taste of Christmas event, it popped. Like a painful pop. But I'm being the hard headed woman I am, I'm dealing with the pain and waiting till the Christmas break to go see the doctor. Nothing says Merry Christmas more like a trip to the doctor.

This weekend we are having Christmas with my side of the family. My dad said he ordered a chicken nugget tray from Chik-fil-a. Oh how he knows my weakness for a good chicken nugget with some Chik-fil-a sauce for dipping.

Sunday we have some last minute shopping to do. And by last minute I mean finish getting my niece and nephew their gifts as we are having Christmas with Hubs side of the family on Monday. Yes I have become the Christmas procrastinator. You can talk to my husband about that art, he's perfected it. Love you Hubs!

Hopefully after that we can all just relax and enjoy our time off together. I'm even thinking about a little day trip with family. That is unless the procrastinator that has developed in me keeps putting that trip off.

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Brooke said...

Merry Christmas!
take care of that knee!