Monday, December 2, 2013

Black Friday Came In Like A Lamb.

Another Thanksgiving week is in the books. I'm kind of glad because from last Sunday till Tuesday it was cold, windy, and rainy. I can handle the cold and windy but I do not like rainy in that mixture. I know we need the rain, it makes the flowers pretty and makes things grow, but it's cold and rainy means wet and no one ever said they liked being wet and cold at the same time, unless they just shot a twelve point buck after sitting most of the day in a deer stand. But by Wednesday the sun came out and dried up all the rain and the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again, sorry lost my train of thought. 

Moving on.

The girls and I, meaning Beth, Alex, and I, had our annual Black Friday shopping day. We left my house at 6:00AM. Yep you read that right, 6:00AM. And headed straight to Target where we promptly got in line at Starbucks. After a jolt of caffeine we made our way around the store with the shopping cart and I kept throwing things in the cart and crossing items off my list. After two hours we were done and on our way to the mall. 

Once at the mall, we took in the sights as we went. And no it wasn't the Christmas decorations that had our attention it was the people watching and the lack of good deals. We went from store to store to store, feeling like we just kept missing the sale or the great deal on the new boots we wanted. Something felt off so to say. But we kept pushing through and shopped. 

About five hours later we felt the need to some nourishment and headed straight for one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants where we devoured two baskets of chips and some hot sauce quicker than you can say bless your heart! Once our food had digested a bit we took off again before we realized that sitting for an extended period of time after shopping for an extended period of time makes one feel lazy.  

After going into a few more stores, again we kept felt like we were missing the deals. The last store on our trip was Lowe's. We had a minor kitchen issue on Thanksgiving with a pipe under the sink and we ended up having to pull out everything that was under there and we needed some new shelf paper so I could line the bottom of the cabinet. And while I was in there Hubs sends me a text message telling me pre-lit trees were on sale. So the three of did what any proper shopping person would do, we headed straight for the trees. And that's when the sale angles finally opened their good deals jar. There right in front of me were the last two pre-lit trees that would look great in my living room. And because they were on sale and the price was right, Alex picked up one of the boxes and loaded it into the shopping cart. I was so excited about the sale price I almost forgot to get the shelf paper, which wasn't on sale, but it should have been on sale because everything should be on sale on Black Friday. 

And that was how we ended our twelve hour shopping trip with a great deal and some Chik-fil-a for dinner.

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