Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas break with a side of strep

Thursday morning R2 woke up saying his throat hurt and he knew it was strep. And because I'm not one to panic, I told him it was probably because he slept with his mouth open and his throat got dry. I sprayed his throat with Cloraseptic throat spray and sent him to school.

By one o'clock I received a text message from his teacher telling me that he had been complaining of his throat all day but he did play at recess. Go figure. So I sent her a message back saying I was on my way to pick him up and take him to the doctor. I then called his pediatrician to make an appointment because I really didn't want a sick baby over the Christmas break. It was then that I really panicked because the very nice receptionist said there were no more afternoon appointments. I would have to call back in the morning to schedule a sick appointment or I could use the walk in clinic they offer at 7:45AM. 

It seems the flu has hit our area and all five, yes five, doctors in the practice were booked. 

I told the receptionist I would call back in the morning and make an appointment. She told me I could go to the emergency room if it got to bad during the night. Ummm, thanks but no thanks, I think I'll take my chances and wait till morning. 

I got to school and went in to get R2 and that is when I knew he was really sick. He was asleep in class. He teacher felt so bad for him she gave him a peppermint and told him to go put his head down. The next thing she knew he was snoring. 

So I got him home and checked to see if he had fever, which he had none. Then he tells me his stomach hurts worse than his throat. Not even two minutes later his running to the bathroom to throw up. Poor baby. He then went to lay on the couch where he promptly fell back asleep for the next 3 hours. 

So Friday morning at 8:30 when the doctors office opens I call and make him an appointment. The first opening our doctor had was at 11:00. I grabbed that appointment up so fast it would make two people fighting over a Play Station 4 at Christmas time look like a so motion replay. 

We get to Dr. H's office and R2 tells him he has self diagnosed himself with strep. And then Dr. H asks him how does he know it's strep? R2 tell him because he has all of the same symptoms as the last time he had strep only this time they are much worse. Dr. H said well lets swab your throat and check it out. So the nurse swabs his throat and fifteen minutes later we have the official diagnosis, it's strep.

Dr. H said he should come work with him because he's so smart. R2 told him he could only perform this type of diagnosis on himself. And then told him he didn't want a shot either. 

A after a few rounds of antibiotics and three days later he's feeling much better. So much better he said that Santa could come and not be scared he was going to get sick when he stopped by our house. 

Come on Santa, bring on the presents!

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