Friday, August 31, 2012

Hello Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday, I seriously don't think I could have gone one more day.

School has started back up, it has been kicking my butt! This routine thing is throwing me for a loop. The new thing in our normal school routine is Jr. High Athletics.

R1 has football practice everyday at 6:30AM. And I don't know why I'm griping about it because Hubs takes him. But I do have to get up at 5AM so that I can start to get myself together and then get the boys up and out the door by 6:10. R1 has been great about getting up to. He's loving football. First game is in a couple of weeks and I'm excited to see him play.

R2 is having a good year so far. He loves his teacher and his best buds are in his class. Lets see how long before she separates the musketeers.

Anyway we will be heading to the lake and we are ready for a weekend full of family, some great food, and fun in the sun.

So I'll see you peeps on Tuesday. Peace out!

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{amy} said...

I've struggled a little bit with the back to school schedule, though I normally do better with one! I'm all out of whack! :D I'm so glad R1 is doing well getting up for football & that he loves it! & yay for R2's teacher & friends!