Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spock Nation

While channel surfing last night through our 827,000 channels trying to find something to watch I came across a channel that caught my eye.

I thought it said Spock nation. And I immediately thought how strange to have cable channel set up for a fictitious TV/movie character.

Then I took a second look and it really said Spook Nation. And it's not even what you're thinking.
No scary haunted buildings, not even one ghost.

It has to do with hunting whitetail dear. The host of the show is named William "Spook" Spann. He was born on Halloween which is how he got the nick name Spook. And yes I Googled the show to get this information.

But seriously couldn't he have come up with a better name and Spook Nation. I keep waiting for someone to jump out and say BOO!

1 comment:

{amy} said...

Ha ha! You'd think he could come up with something a little better!