Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Memories scrapbook software GIVE-A-AWAY

A few weeks ago My Memories digital scrapbook software company contacted me and asked if I would be interested in doing a review for them. I was very excited to review their software because I'm what I call a "has been scrapbooker"

I used to scrapbook all the time. My books were almost current. I couldn't spend enough time in Hobby Lobby looking at all of material and planning out which items I wanted to each page and so on. But lets face it, since R2 was born I've done a bad job of keeping up with my books. I still have tons of pictures; just no time to pull all of my stuff out and get started. This is where I fell in love with the scrapbook software.

My Memories scrapbook software gives you the ease of using pre-made templates or creating your own. Just like you would do for your hands on scrapbooks. They have wide variety of pages, fonts, embellishments, and so much more. Most of us download our pictures on to our computers and say "Oh one day I'll do something with them." Now you can with My Memories. And you can do it quickly, so you have a finished page to show off.

Another great thing about this software is you can print the pages you make and put them in a book. Or you can email them to family and friends. You could also put them on your blog.

And My Memories scrapbook software has graciously offered to give one of my readers/commentators a free downloadable copy of their software. FREE!!!

All you need to do is go to their site, look around, find a few things you like, come back here and leave me a comment telling what your favorite item was. I'll leave the comments open until some time Thursday night. At that time I'll let the random number picker thingy do it's thing and I'll announce the winner on Friday.

Oh and here are a few things I did with my software.

Don't forget, go check My Memories and leave me a comment. Happy Scrapping!


Mari said...

I have this and can vouch that it's really nice. Glad you are enjoying yours and I know the person that wins will love it!

McElroy Family Happenings said...

Love all the templates. Takes me forever to make decisions with all the paper and stickers and such. Thus why I quit!

{amy} said...

How neat! I've never tried digital scrapbooking. I'm one of those people who hangs on to some pages & matching embellishments for awhile, waiting for the perfect page to use it with. So I like the kits with the matching pages & embellishments that can be used more than once!

Sonya Reviere said...

Wow!!! How neat is this!!! Such a time-saver as compared to how I used to scrapbook!!!!

Meme Sue said...

Wow, I didn't know you blogged, much less scrapbooked. I think it's great.

This is a neat idea and it seems like it would be pretty easy to use, even for someone like me.

I only have 13953049 pictures around here. Some are very old (family), some are not so old, but kind of retro, and then there's the digital ones which I have saved in about 3 different places for fear of something crashing and my losing them all.

Anyway, I think it's a great idea!