Friday, May 11, 2012

Fashion Friday- that wasn't

To be honest I'm just tired. After being at the ball park for four straight nights till almost 9:30pm and then having practice last night, I'm wiped out.

I know it's a lame excuse but if I was to put up a fashion post it would probably have nothing to do with cute shirts and the perfect denim shorts. (sorry Brooke) But rather it might include something along the lines of this:

color of baseball cleats
white baseball pants and why do they always pick white pants
the best flavor sunflower seeds
the best bat to hit home runs with
the perfect socks for those stinky cleats
the best chair to purchase that will last an entire season and beyond.

OK peeps I'm out of here because if I stay much longer I might have to explain what is the best powder to buy to get that NASTY smell out baseball cleats. Have a great weekend.


Brooke said...

i have a husband with stanky feet - i would actually like the desmelling cleats tip! ;)

{amy} said...

Ha ha! I keep meaning to try the sunflower seeds you talked about last year! :)