Friday, May 25, 2012

Fashion Friday-Denim Bermuda Shorts

So a while back, Brooke asked me about denim Bermuda shorts. So I went the hunt and found several cute pairs at some pretty good prices. And being that it's only the end of May and I have been wearing capri's and flip flops since around Thanksgiving, I would say it's officially short weather.

Old Navy

JC Penney's

Dillards had these online

The Avenue had this cute pair.
Levi's and Kohls also had several great pairs of denim shorts and some decent prices, I just could never get the pictures to load.

So there you have it. Brooke, I hope this helps.


{amy} said...

I have some from Kohl's that are great! It's hard to find denim shorts that aren't SHORT! These all look cute!

Brooke said...


i have next to no personal spending this month left. but i'm totally looking for next month