Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And I haven't stopped yet

Well it's Wednesday and things are just as crazy as ever. I don't think I've stopped in over a week.

I did manage to do all of the laundry on Sunday. You know it's bad when you start using beach towels to dry off. Don't judge.

R1 had a ball game Monday night. He pitched and did great once he settled down. We were playing a team that we had not yet beat.

And WE BEAT THEM! It was a close game. We were ahead then we were behind then we came back and they came back but it just wasn't enough. We won 11-10. See close. I love games like that.

And last night was more baseball but thank goodness it was only practice. Tonight is church and the tomorrow night is more baseball, R1 has another game. And then it's the weekend and R2 has a tournament.

Oh and some where in there I have been keeping up with the Astros too. Go 'Stros!

Hope y'all have a great rest of the week.

1 comment:

{amy} said...

Girl, I thought I was busy!

Go 'Stros! {I'm wearing their shirt today!}