Friday, August 26, 2011

It's just a little hot

A friend and I were talking yesterday and the conversation turned to the weather and how hot it's been. Imagine that.

I know y'all get sick of hearing me complain about how hot it is because it's like Texas is always smokin' hot in August. But this year is it hotter.

Well it's beyond HOT. It's like extreme heat. It's like the molten center of the earth has found a way to pierce it's outer shell and found a way to open up right in Texas and OH MY THE HEAT!

And just so y'all don't think I am exaggerating...

I do believe all of my activities for the weekend will be centered around the indoors with plenty of A/C.


Mari said...

Yikes! That's hot! You better come to Michigan. :)

{amy} said...

Girlfriend, it's supposed to be 107 for us this weekend! I'm coming to visit you, where it's a little cooler! {ha ha!} We DO need to see each other again, but let's go visit your friend Mari in Michigan!!

Brooke said...

sad when you're looking forward to 95 huh?