Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun day with R2

The other day I took R2 to a local water park.

He didn't get go with us to the beach because he was at grandparent camp and I didn't want him to feel left out. So while R1 was at grandparent camp I took him.

He was just tall enough to ride all of the water slides and still small enough to play in the children's area. He even went down the big slides by himself. He also hung out in the children's area too. He kept waiting for the big bucket to fall and splash water everywhere.

And then there was the lazy river. Only I don't think it was to lazy as all R2 wanted to do was swim down the lazy river and not ride in a tube. I would have been happy to float in that thing all day.

I think it's pretty evident by the picture below R2 had a blast and was worn out!


{amy} said...

It sounds like a great day!! I know how you feel about floating in the lazy river all day! I could do it, too! {minus the random teenage boy popping up inside my tube!}

Brooke said...

sure sign of a good time!! :)