Thursday, August 11, 2011

6 and 11

That's the ages of my boys.

Right now I keep thinking about all of the last things.

Like R2, my 6yr old, is now to the point where picking him up after he has fallen asleep in the living room and carrying him to his bed is not an option.

And R1, my 11yr old, is 5 feet tall. Just 3 more inches and he will be as tall as me. And when I took him to the doctor this week and they weighed him I nearly fell over. He is growing up. He no longer needs me to answer the questions the doctor asks, he can do it for himself.

School is getting ready to start again and we are moving on to First grade and Jr. High.

For R2, I remember the last day of kindergarten. The way he smiled when I took his picture on the school play ground with his three best friends.

R1, was at the top of his campus the big 5th grader, now he's starting all over again and he'll be fine. But the last moments of elementary school are etched in my brain. A tall smart young man walking down the hall to the doors that lead out into the parking lot and him looking back one last time.

I know I remember their firsts. Words. Steps. Birthdays and so much more. But I want to hold on to the lasts. I want to remember it all.

And one day when they ask, Hey Mom, do you remember the last time I....
I will be able to yes, yes I do just like it was yesterday and I loved it.


{amy} said...

It's so bittersweet, isn't it? I can't pick my babies up anymore, either! :( And my youngest is starting 5th grade. How did that happen?! I'm glad you're enjoying these moments!

Brooke said...'re getting old ;) j/k.