Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hello...it anyone there?

So I'm just gonna jump right on in.

Sunday afternoon I was at my beloved H-E-B buying the staples for this weeks groceries. You know, French Onion Dip, Corn Nuts, and Spinach/Arugula lettuce mix. Yeah we're healthy eaters.

As I'm perusing the lotion aisle and a kid, and yes now I know I'm old since I am calling a nineteen/twenty year old a kid.


A kid walked up to my cart and looked in and asked where I had gotten the frozen pizzas. I just kinda looked at him and said in the frozen food section.

He said, so they have THOUSANDS of pizzas I can choose from. I said, yeah.

He said can you show them to me. I said no but just go down to the end of the isle and turn right and you will see them.

He then looks in my cart again and asks are you sure you can't show me. I said NO! I'm busy and I can't. And then I walk away.

As I was walking away he says hey do you have any weed?

I turned back around and said loudly DO I LOOK LIKE I HAVE ANY WEED!

Seriously, I can't believe someone just asked me for drugs. I also responded by going to get a manager and tell them what just happened. The manager said she would check into it. I tell her thank you and then proceed to the check out lines.

While I'm standing in line to pay the manager came back up and said that the kid had asked around twenty people if they had an weed. And that our local police department was on their way to pick him up.

I thanked her and then walked to my car. As I was loading up the last bag I turned just in time to see police department pull up and get out to talk to him.

I have to say never in a million years would I have thought that while at the grocery store would some one ask me for drugs. I mean I have been asked for spare change, to buy someone some food, to buy someone some gas. I've even been asked for my ID while buying a bottle of wine. But never and I do mean never have I ever been solicited for drugs.

But what also struck me was here we were in an entire store full of easy access food, such as fruits and chips and so on but he wanted my frozen pizza. Guess when you have the munchies even cheap frozen pizza sounds good!

Hope jail food tasted just as good.


Brooke said...

so you're saying you *don't* have any weed?? ;)

Beth Cotell said...

Yikes! Guess he must have gone into the stone to get a pizza for his munchies and forgot why he was there. Perhaps he was so high he thought he was at the WEED instead of the HEB. HA!

Hubs said...

I like what Kay said. You should have told him you had a yard full and he could come pull them for you. You could have even offered him a pizza as payment.

Mari said...

Crazy! Who knows what you'll run into when you go to the grocery store!

Tater Mama said...

I can't help it. This made me laugh right out loud. Twice. It's just so unexpected that it's comical. And I love your response of "Do I look like I have any weed?" Thanks for the giggle. This is my day with no planning period at school, so this is a great pick-me-up.

{amy} said...

Seriously?! Oh my! I must say that nobody has ever asked if I had any weed, either!