Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Break time

OK so here it. I need a break.

I need a mini vacay. I'm so busy right now, I can't see straight. I'm full on over load.

Baseball, practices, homework, end of school activities, doctors appointments, way to many doctors appointments I might add, blogging, graduation, and prom. Oh and did I mention baseball?

Mama is just running on fumes. So much to do and so little time.

So I'm taking the rest of the week off. And since I'm the CEO of this here blog I can do things like that.

Oh and by the way R2's team won first place for the season. His last regular season game was last night and he hit a homerun! Now we have two tournaments, one beginning this weekend.



Tater Mama said...

I don't blame you, and I feel like I'm in the same boat. Except for the prom and baseball. Anyhoo. Enjoy the break. See you when you get back!

Brooke said...

enjoy - and cya next week!

{amy} said...

You deserve a break! I hope your week goes well!

Cristie Ritz King, M. Ed said...

Thanks for stopping by The Traveling Circus. So glad I found you! I get this post and would like a break with you! Enjoy it. I'll be back again when you're through.:)