Friday, May 20, 2011

Just a bunch of stuff

10 more days of school, not that I'm counting. That's all that is left. And I have to admit I'm torn about it ending.

My oldest baby will be going to Jr. High and my youngest baby will be out of Kindergarten.

OK now that that sappy moment is over, I'm ready for all things school related to be over.

R1 had an underwater sea project where he had to make a giant clam. Yeah ask me later how we manage to pull that one off.

Baseball is just about over. R2 has his last tournament Saturday and then closing ceremonies and the announcement of All Stars. R1 still has several more games to play and then his closing ceremonies and All Star announcements.

We have WAY to much going on at work. My supervisor is leaving, her husband is being transferred to California. I am going to miss her. She is one of the best supervisors I have ever had. And my new one is already here and training. She seems very sweet as well. So with that said, I'm in charge of her surprise going away party and I'm throwing my new supervisor a welcome breakfast all in the same week. Some where in there, our office is going to lunch too.

And if that wasn't enough our department head moved up her October wedding to Memorial Day weekend. She is now getting married next week! So that is another party we have to get together in less than a week. I seriously had to opt out in organizing that one.

Oh and did I mention that R2 has two doctors appointments next week. And tomorrow we have the annual teacher/family crawfish boil.

Thank goodness for the calendar on my phone, the one on my desk, and the one on the wall at work or I would be lost. I was so lost I couldn't even remember who had games when. And when I made the comment to Hubs yesterday morning about being able to come home he just looked me like I had three heads and said, uh no, R1 has a game. Oops! Which by the way he went two for two and his team won!

OK and now I admit I'm just a bit tired from even mentioning all the activities.

See y'all Monday!


Brooke said...

your boys are getting so big! how fun/scary/sad!

ps - i big puffy heart calendars

Beth Cotell said...

Wow! I'm not sure even with 3 or 4 calendars I could keep all of that straight!

Enjoy your weekend!

{amy} said...

Girl, you've got a lot going on! Praying for PEACE & that you can enjoy these moments!

Jenny Smith said...

Sounds like my week sometimes. I'm just blog hopping, but thought I would say, "hi"!